Aisha Zaharie , daughter of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah , Malaysia Airlines MH370 pilot who is still missing , reports The Daily Mail slammed the alleged father whom they accused suffered emotional distress a few weeks before the tragedy.
" To the Daily Mail , you should consider to make a film as you are competent to invent stories and scripts ... May God have mercy on your soul. I will not forgive you , " she said in her latest entry in Facebook.
Additionally, she received support from her friends and one of them Izni Disney slammed the Daily by saying that the entry is a good one

Yesterday, The Daily Mail headline show ' Captain 's daughter MH370 admit Looks Confused and Annoyed '.
On March 8, MH370 flight departing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12:41 am heading to Beijing to carry 239 passengers and crew, before disappearing from radar an hour later.