Untuk tahun ini, Pulau Pinang telah menerima pelaburan berjumlah RM3.1 bilion setakat Mei lalu, meningkat daripada RM3.9 bilion bagi keseluruhan tahun 2013, kata Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng.

Beliau memaklumkan, sektor pengilangan mencatatkan pelaburan langsung asing (FDI) sebanyak RM2.34 bilion, jauh lebih tinggi berbanding jumlah keseluruhan RM1.8 bilion pada tahun lalu.

“Namun, jumlah FDI yang dinyatakan Lembaga Kemajuan Perindustrian Malaysia (MIDA) ini tidak termasuk pelaburan Seagate bernilai RM1.05 bilion yang saya umumkan dua hari lalu,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan semalam.

Withdrawals of up to RM111,000 have been detected from the bank accounts of four passengers of the doomed MH370 flight that vanished early March.

City Commercial Crime Investiga­tion Department chief Asst Comm Izany Abdul Ghany said the amount was withdrawn through a number of ATM transactions.

The bank concerned noticed the suspicious withdrawals on July 18.

Following an internal investigation, the bank lodged a police report on Aug 2.

Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim hari ini mendedahkan surat perkenan daripada Sultan Selangor kepada beliau untuk memecat lima Exco PKR dan DAP, semalam. 

Abdul Khalid berkata surat balas daripada Sultan Selangor itu diperolehinya dua jam selepas beliau menulis kepada Tuanku berhubung kenyataan bersama lima bekas Exco itu yang enggan bekerjasama dengannya.

"Semalam jam 2 petang saya tulis surat kepada Sultan selangor selepas semua Exco itu tulis kenyataan bersama untuk tidak bersama-sama dalam pentadbiran kerajaan negeri.


Has everyone forgotten that the Federal Court is going to make the final decision on Anwar's sodomy trial ? The final verdict and that's it. Either a full acquittal or a full conviction. Aquittal means Anwar will be a free man and Saiful will probably face tons of defamation law suits OR Anwar is convicted by the whole bench, and sent to jail for FIVE YEARS. Have you forgotten ?.

The #KajangMove failed miserably. The infighting among Pakatan members and the inability of their leaders to even truth the very fabric of their supporters made the Kajang Move a total failure. Wan Azizah was crowned supreme only to see that popularity diminish as quickly as it came. Anwar was not able to muster enough local support for him to challenge the people's verdict that he was guilty. Anwar needs a people's verdict, he needs that to prove to the world that he is innocent. He needs that to keep himself out of jail.

Why Khalid ? Is Khalid a politician ? Who is the master tactician when you want to compare Khalid and Anwar ? Which one really knows what's going on and how to determine political failure or the greatest political success ever. Who is Azmin ? Does Azmin have the brains like Anwar or is he just a by stander just like all those that follow the UMNO Ministers. Never as good as their boss in fear they themselves will take over. Thats Anwar. Thats UMNO. Thats Malaysia politics for you.

Anwar needs a full fledged election to cover his conviction or even pressure the Government to set him free. A full fledged Selangor election. Not some by election in Pelabuhan Kelang but a serious statewide election that will bring international press to Malaysia and paint Anwar as the victim.

So we have TWO scenarios:-


The Federal Court is due to give its final judgement (mind you, they have already made up their minds, as the case has been postponed due to Anwar's new lawyer Sulaiman Abdullah being out of action due to a knee injury till the 13 of October 2014) anytime between the 14 and 18 of October 2014. If this is the case. The Selangor Move will go into high gear end of next week. Pakatan have to ensure the DYMM Sultan dissolves the state assembly. In no way will his majesty do that without the utmost and most explicit law has proven that his majesty MUST dissolve the assembly.

First was to the test if the sacking of state exco's. Then the PAS / UMNO pact and finally will be the vacating of all state seats held under Pakatan which will force a state election. Will DAP agree ? Will PAS agree ? When you resign your state seat, you cannot run in any election for 5 years after. Thats a big risk to make for a coalition of parties that haven't even agreed to merge. A coalition of parties that do not have the same aspirations as each other.

Hence by Friday next week, if there is no news that the Federal Court has decided to postpone till the year 2015, the Selangor Move will go into over drive. Khalid is Anwar's man. True and true. There is nothing that you can write or say to change my mind. Once the Selangor Move goes into action, you will see what I mean. UMNO will do everything in its power NOT to allow a state election. Not to give Anwar any chance of creating havoc in a state just to save his behind in the federal court case.



If this scenario happens. You know what will happen. Khalid and Anwar will kiss and make up. Everything will suddenly go back to what it was. No nonsense. No politicking. No washing of dirty laundry in public. It will be over as quickly as it started. PKR will take Khalid back. He will be supported as Menteri Besar and everything will be dissapear. Only for them to plan what to do when the Federal Court resumes in a date to be announced in 2015.


I ask you. Does Anwar really care about what happens to Malaysia or is he only interested in himself ? All the people that have sacrificed their lives livelihood and futures for him are all now in the rubbish bin. That rubbish bin is UMNO of course.

The Selangor Move is Anwar's last push to get himself acquitted. The last move to save the leader of the loose opposition alliance from being jailed for 5 years. The Appeals Court has passed judgement of 5 years in jail. If Anwar is convicted by the Federal Court, the jail term could be more.

Hasta la vista baby !

Written without prejudice and does not refer to anyone living or dead in Malaysia. Purely fictional writing.

Susan Loo



Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has served a letter of demand on PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution over an Aug 4 letter sent to PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, which was also widely reported in the media.

In the letter of demand which served on Saifuddin on Monday, the embattled Selangor Mentri Besar referred to statements made in the letter as well as an appended report titled "The Decision to Replace the Selangor Mentri Besar" which was sent to Mustafa.

"Our client instructs that the report was circulated by you to the press, mass media and online media. Thereafter, the contents of the report was widely reported.