A Chinese ship searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the southern Indian Ocean has picked up a pulse signal, Chinese media say.

They say the signal has a frequency of 37.5kHz - the same as those emitted by the flight recorders.

However there is no evidence so far that it is linked to MH370.

Dozens of ships and planes have joined the search, with the operation moving into its most intensive phase before batteries on the data recorders fade.

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The abduction of a Chinese national in the pristine Singamata Reef Resort, off Semporna, Sabah, couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Malaysia.

IT couldn’t have happened at a worse time. While Malaysia grapples with the delicate task of trying to defuse the anger of China nationals over MH370, another incident throws all efforts to the wind – the abduction of a Chinese national in the pristine Singamata Reef Resort, off Semporna, Sabah.

The abduction by the notorious Abu Sayyaf group has already generated a fresh round of bad publicity. Talk is that Malaysia is not able to protect the safety of tourists.

Certainly, this will be hot news in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And it was barely five months ago that the same group shot dead a Taiwanese man and kidnapped his wife from Pom Pom Island, also in the same vicinity.

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The Cabinet has ordered the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) to boost its level of preparedness, surveillance and intelligence following the kidnapping incident in the waters of Sabah on Wednesday.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the government viewed seriously the recurrence of the crime, with the latest incident involving the kidnapping of two women, including a Chinese national, at a resort on Pulau Singgahmata, Semporna.

“We view the recurring issue seriously, especially after Esscom was set up, but it continued to take place.

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Sabah is seeing red over remarks by a federal deputy minister that diving resorts at remote islands should be closed as security forces cannot ensure their safety.

The purported remarks by Deputy Home Minister Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar also raised ire among netizens, with some stating it was the “most irresponsible” statement from a federal leader.

Some Facebook and WhatsApp users said Wan Junaidi appeared to be “taking the easy way out” in addressing a serious security problem in Sabah’s east coast.

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Enough in the way of misstatements, contradictions and other evidence has emerged from the developing story of ‘lost’ Malaysian Airlines flight 370 to form a case for its disappearance being orchestrated by the West's Military Industrial Complex.

The initial possibility that the airliner ‘crashed into the sea and disappeared’ is fading away. The 'Bermuda Triangle' scenario of bewildering disappearances will not wash in the modern world.

With the benefit of hindsight, that Caribbean 'mystery' popularized in the 1970s now looks to have been rolled out to a credulous press and public as a convenient cover story for skullduggery in CIA and related drug-running operations by sea and air between Florida markets and South American cocaine producers.

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