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5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit An OB-Gyne

Women today are living a challenging life. Apart from taking care of the family, they also pursue challenging careers and hobbies. Due to their hectic schedule, they tend to forget about their well-being including the reproductive health.

Paying your gynecologist in Dubai a visit would surely help you keep track of your reproductive health. If you are looking for more reasons to do it, read on this list:

  1. Treat infertility issues

Most of the time, infertility is diagnosed only when a couple do a test together. But for women, they can resolve any infertility issues that might have by visiting their OB-Gyne regularly. An OB-Gyne can help detect symptoms of infertility based on your menstrual cycles and conducting several tests. They will also prescribe medications can help you conceive, especially if you are preparing or planning to start a family. It would be best to visit or consult with them even if you are not married.

  1. Do breast exams

Breast cancer is one of the leading cause of deaths amongst women around the globe. Most of the time, patients discover this disease when it is too late. But the good news is, this disease is preventable through early detection. If you are not confident about doing breast exams yourself, it would be best to go to an OB-Gyne for a thorough check.

  1. Know the ideal birth control for you

Family planning is important to ensure your reproductive health. There are a number of contraceptives available for you and your partner to use. But just to be sure, it would be best to ask an OB-Gyne about these family planning tools and know the pros and cons. Based from your condition and lifestyle, your OB-Gyne will prescribe the right contraceptives for you.

  1. Check for any reproductive issues

Apart from breast cancer, cervical cancer is also considered a deadly disease that caused the deaths of many women today. The problem is, most patients do not know they have it until they experienced the symptoms. Going to your OB-Gyne will help you detect if there are any reproductive issues that you need to deal with, including cervical cancer. The earlier it is detected, the better.

  1. Keep track of your overall health

Your reproductive health is connected to your overall well-being. So, by regularly visiting your OB-Gyne, you can keep track of your overall health. Most of the time, OB-Gyne will request a full medical check up in Dubai to benchmark your condition.