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Tips for the perfect eye makeup

We see through our eyes, and when someone looks at us, the first thing they see is our eyes. Women have been using eye makeup for centuries to look beautiful. In the present day, women are more conscious about their looks and wellbeing. Hectic lifestyle, lack of sleep, wrong diet, allergies and ageing make a number of women concerned about their dark circles and tired looks. The good news is that with the right makeup, this problem can be solved in no time. Following are a few make up tips to get rid of dark circles and the stress that reflects through your eyes:

Take good care of your eyes

Fact of the matter is that eyes are very sensitive and delicate parts of your face and need extra care for this reason. It is highly recommended for you to wash your face, and especially your eyes, before and after applying makeup. Dry or oily area around your eyes can trigger problems like dark circles and fine lines. Remember that proper makeup is not always required. In most cases, you can hide your dark circles only by using concealer. But, if you going for a get together or party, let’s do some proper makeup to make your eyes look lovely.

Eye shadows are the perfect cover up

If you are not wearing any makeup already, it is necessary to apply concealer before you start working on your eyes to get the perfect look. This is because a good concealer will provide the perfect base for your eyes to apply eye shadow effectively. Once done with the concealer, it’s time to get the best eyeshadow palettes in dubai in use by starting with light colors according to the look you want to create. You should always use the darker eye shadow in after the lighter color. Don’t do it in hurry keep blending till both colors are merged properly. Never forget to use a shimmer at the brow bone to get the perfect look.

Get the amazing looks with mascara

Most women make a mistake by applying mascara before eye shadow. You should always start with eye shadow to get the best effect. There is no denying to the fact that if applied properly mascara is the most effective thing you will have in your makeup kit to highlight and beautify your eyes by making them look thicker and longer. This is why you should always buy the best mascara in UAE.